Our health does not have to come at the expense of the health of our planet
Daily Supplements has a mission to reduce its ecological footprint. We do this by replacing existing, often animal-based food supplements with sustainable, plant-based alternatives. Daily Supplements has the perfect herbal substitute for fish and krill oil with its Daily Omega products. And that's good news for you and for marine life! We prefer to leave millions of oily fish and shrimps alone because there is a fantastic alternative source of omega-3. In short: Daily Supplements skips the fish and krill. We get high-quality pure EPA and DHA directly from cultivated algae - exactly the same source from which fish get their fatty acids. Another existing animal supplement is vitamin D3, extracted from the fat of shorn sheep's wool. Our plant source of these vitamins is lichen. Fewer sheep means less CO2!

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No fish, no pollution
Straight from the source
Until recently, fish oil was virtually the only source of essential omega-3 fatty acids. But since 25% of the world's fish catch is already used to produce omega-3, a sustainable alternative had to be found.
Most importantly, to protect our endangered oceans and fish stocks. Like humans, fish do not produce omega-3 themselves. They get their fatty acids from algae. How fantastic would it be to be able to skip the fish and get omega-3 directly from algae? This would also produce a much cleaner product. The oil that is pressed from fish is full of toxins that have to be filtered out in at least seven steps. .
Fortunately, clever scientists have made an important discovery. In the water of a mangrove forest, they discovered a species of algae rich in omega-3. The algae grew thanks to nutrients from leaves floating in the water. We can now mimic this process and grow algae on a large scale using a process patented in Europe. In large stainless steel tanks, with smart nutrients instead of leaves, but according to the same natural principle as in the mangroves.

The result? Daily Omega-3 and Daily Vrill Omega: the best omega-3 supplements you could wish for. Plant-based, pure and rich in DHA and EPA. Vrill Omega also contains more omega-3, phospholipids and astaxanthin than 'ordinary' krill oil. Good for the planet and good for you!

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Daily Supplements is a WIINC brand. This Dutch company with a mission wants to make a positive difference for the future of our planet and the health of its inhabitants. To achieve this, WIINC invests in sustainable brands that specialise in healthy plant-based food supplements.

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